Friday, March 09, 2012

Warner Bros. Options Crime Comic LUCID for Film

LUCID by Michael McMillian

Warner Bros. is looking to adapt the four-issue crime comic series, collected into the single graphic novel LUCID, for film.

Written by Michael McMillian and illustrated by Anna Wieszczyk, the comics feature Federal Agent Matthew Dee, a modern "combat mage" whose history can be traced back to 16th century scholar John Dee — a real person who lived in late 16th century England and was known as a leading expert in mathematics and science but was also a student of magic.

The storyline follows a conspiracy to prevent humankind from reaching its true potential with Agent Dee, the newly appointed "Protector of the Realm", using his skills as a covert spy to ensure America's freedom from the grip of evil.

The studio, of course, hopes to create a franchise from the character. No screenwriter has yet been identified.

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