Tuesday, January 03, 2012

USA Networks Enlists Viewers to Help in Finding White Collar's Elizabeth Burke

White Collar (USA)

Fans of White Collar will remember that the series ended its summer season last August with the kidnapping of Peter Burke's wife Elizabeth. New episodes of the series return on January 17th and with just two weeks to go, USA Networks has launched a new website, WhereIsElizabethBurke.com, where evidence gathered by crime scene technicians assigned to the case is being presented.

You can play a role in helping to find her by examining the evidence and proposing a theory as to her safety, her location, and the severity of her situation.

Here's today's clue from series creator Jeff Eastin: "Listen closely to the last conversation between Peter and Elizabeth [Evidence # 14]. Do you hear anything strange? I am positive there is an odd noise on Elizabeth's end."

Eastin will pick the top theories proposed by viewers and one lucky fan may be featured on the series!

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