Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Poster, Trailer for Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice (2012)

A new poster (right; click for a slightly larger version) — something like the seventh from the studio, and a variation of the UK poster from last year (see below) — and trailer for the thriller Seeking Justice has been released. The poster's tagline: "Vengeance always has a price."

Nicholas Cage stars as Will Gerard, a happily married and dedicated inner-city high school teacher. His wife, Laura (January Jones) is an accomplished musician and they enjoy a comfortable life until one fateful evening shatters everything. Laura is brutally assaulted and while awaiting an update on her condition, Will is approached by a well-dressed man (Guy Pearce) who quietly offers to dispense immediate justice. Required to make a spontaneous decision in a distraught frame of mind, he accepts the proposal and is pulled into an underground vigilante organization that leads to increasingly frightening and dangerous consequences.

Seeking Justice — which was previously titled The Hungry Rabbit Jumps and released last year in Europe and Asia — is scheduled to open in US theaters March 16th, 2012.

Seeking Justice (2012)

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