Friday, January 06, 2012

Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross in The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, The Bourne Legacy

Filming for The Bourne Legacy — sans Bourne — is underway, and USA Today has the first photo of Jeremy Renner as the film's lead character Aaron Cross.

Plot details for the film are all but unknown, but what is known is that the screenplay is not adapted from any of the "Bourne" books, originally written by Robert Ludlum but now written by Eric Van Lustbader. It's a little confusing since the fourth book in the series, published in 2004, is also titled The Bourne Legacy. Aaron Cross is a contemporary of Jason Bourne and the storyline reportedly takes place in the same general universe.

The Bourne Legacy — the fourth in the film franchise — opens in theaters August 3rd, 2012.

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  1. Why run this into the ground? A Bourne without a Jason Bourne is NOT Bourne..

  2. The good news is that it's the multi-Oscar nominated screenwriter who wrote all three of the Damon movies behind this. When Mr. shaky-cam director Paul Greengrass said he would not direct another Bourne movie, Damon said he would not star in them if Greengrass wasn't directing. So they had a franchise without a star, and since all of the movies have featured other Treadstone assassins like Clive Owens' character, they just went with one of them. Now that they're making it, Damon seems interested in maybe coming back for the *next* movie... but hasn't made up his mind. Plenty of films have gone through recasting leads - no one thought the Tom Clancy movies would work without Alec Baldwin. So, this might be interesting.