Monday, December 05, 2011

Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy Swedish Television Mini-Series Adaptation, This Week on DVD and Blu-ray Disc

The Millennium Trilogy (extended edition)

Not long after the Swedish-language film adaptations of Stieg Larrson's three crime thrillers collectively known as the "Millennium Trilogy" were released, the studio re-edited and extended them to air on Swedish television as a 6-part mini-series. This "extended edition" is now being released here in the US — in Swedish with English subtitles — on DVD and Blu-ray disc. Four discs are included with each set: three for each of the novel adaptations and a fourth with extra features.

The new mini-series footage — almost two hours in total over the films' combined length — allows for more in-depth character development and a somewhat longer unfolding of the plotlines.

This Dragon Tattoo Trilogy — it was simply titled Millennium in Sweden — was recently honored with an International Emmy for best TV Movie/Mini-Series.

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