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Harlequin Worldwide Mystery Titles for December 2011 Save 20% On Your Order has released the list of December 2011 titles for its Worldwide Mystery imprint, your partner in crime. Amateur sleuths, traditional cozies, police procedurals and private-eye fiction, written by award-winning authors.

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Red, Green, or Murder by Steven F. Havill

Review of Red, Green, or Murder by Steven F. Havill Red, Green, or Murder by Steven F. Havill
A Posadas County Mystery (16th in series)

In Posadas County, New Mexico, retired undersheriff Bill Gastner understands two things: most criminals aren't as smart as they think they are, and human nature is fairly predictable. When a full cattle truck and trailer go missing along with the ranch hand driving it, and the herd and its cow dog are found roaming the highway, Gastner suspects the young driver was the victim of a hijacking. After the truck is spotted crossing the border without its original occupant, things look grim.

Tragedy mounts when an old friend of Gastner's drops dead after eating a green chili burrito. The current undersheriff doesn't believe it was just the old man's time to go—and toxicology reports confirm he was poisoned. Gastner assists in both cases doing what he does best: following a blood trail only a seasoned hound dog like him can sniff out.

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A Hard Bargain by Jane Tesh

Review of A Hard Bargain by Jane Tesh A Hard Bargain by Jane Tesh
A Madeline Maclin Mystery (2nd in series)

Former beauty queen turned P.I. Madeline "Mac" Maclin has a freshly painted office in Celosia, North Carolina, and clients pouring in. First up: a missing persons case involving an eccentric inventor who vanished, but left behind ten thousand dollars in small bills. Then events turn sinister when the cast and crew of Curse of the Mantis Man arrive to shoot their horror film in her sleepy Southern town—and somebody murders the director.

Add a decades-old mystery about the fire that killed her almost-boyfriend's parents, and Mac has more excitement than this former pageant pro ever asked for. Especially now that the rabid "Pageantoids" are hounding her to rejoin the world of big hair and wide smiles as a consultant. But Mac is determined to stick with murder and mayhem—the competition isn't nearly as brutal.

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Squall Line by Nancy Gotter Gates

Squall Line by Nancy Gotter Gates

Emma Daniels's lazy morning on the beach outside her Sarasota, Florida, condo is interrupted by a charming stranger. The gentleman, a gallery owner, appears so earnest that Emma agrees to deliver his note to a local artist known for her beach paintings. But when the message turns out to be a ransom note, Emma feels like a fool. Now she's determined to help the note's recipient secure her grandmother's safe return, and insists on contributing to the ransom amount.

Sinister events turn deadly, though, when the artist's body washes ashore only hours after the money delivery. Worse, there's still no clue to the whereabouts of the elderly woman. Galvanized into action, Emma looks for clues in the young artist's life and discovers she's been played in a brilliant con game. The only real part is the lifeless body on the shore. And the terrible awareness that somebody wants Emma dead, too.

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Means to an End by Michael Hachey

Means to an End by Michael Hachey
A Dexter Loomis Mystery (2nd in series)

Death and theft strike the rural community of Higgins Point, Wisconsin, and police chief Dexter Loomis has his hands full. The events are seemingly unrelated. The home of a famous local artist is burglarized; a reporter dies in a car crash; and one of the artist's business associates drops dead of a possible heart attack. But as Dexter investigates, he links all incidents to a twenty-year-old unsolved murder.

Clues point to secrets in the artist's past. Two decades ago, his secretary—and mistress—was poisoned. No arrests were made. But when the two modern-day deaths are linked to the same poison that killed his secretary, the artist becomes the obvious suspect. Too obvious, Dexter thinks. Digging into a deeper, more convoluted motive, Dexter hunts an experienced killer who has the ability to hide in plain sight.

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