Monday, October 03, 2011

Production Underway for Swedish Crime Drama The Fjällbacka Murders

Tyskungen (The Hidden Child) by Camilla Läckberg

A couple of weeks ago, principal filming began on The Fjällbacka Murders, a combination of 10 made-for-television movies and 2 theatrical films based on the original universe created by Swedish crime novelist Camilla Läckberg.

The producer, TrustNordisk, has announced pre-sales into the Benlux countries as well as Australia, and today Swedish television network SVT announced that it has scheduled the first of the telemovies to air in December 2012. The first theatrical film, to be adapted from the fifth book in the series, Tyskungen — it's given several different English translations, including The Hidden Child (as published in the UK) and The German Child — is expected to be released in mid-2013. (These seem like incredibly long production schedules to us …)

"It's amazing to see my characters come to life in Fjällbacka and it's so impressive to see them in an international film production of this scale. I really like that the rest of the world will get to know my very own Fjällbacka", says Läckberg.

The series has been described as a Swedish version of Midsomer Murders … which sounds very promising to us.

TrustNordisk intends to continue its presales at the upcoming Busan International Film Festival, where it will also promote an existing series, Those Who Kill, written by Danish crime novelist Elsebeth Egholm — of whom we are unfamiliar; it doesn't appear as if any of her series or stand-alone novels have been translated into English — but not apparently based on any of her books.

(Source: TrustNordisk.)

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