Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pseudonymous Ngaio Marsh Award Winner Alix Bosco Revealed to be Playwright and Screenwriter Greg McGee

Cut & Run by Alix Bosco

Late last year, Alix Bosco was announced the winner of the inaugural Ngaio Marsh Award for her debut thriller Cut & Run. At the time, it was known that the author had used a pseudonym, but her identity had not been revealed.

Now we're learning (via Crime Watch) that Alix Bosco is playwright and screenwriter Greg McGee, who was first rumored to be the author late last year (but who denied it at the time). You can read much more about why the author chose to reveal his identity in today's Sunday Star•Times (New Zealand).

Alix Bosco's second novel, Slaughter Falls, is also shortlisted for this years Ngaio Marsh Award.

(Hat tip: The Rap Sheet.)

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