Monday, August 29, 2011

Mysterious New Website for The Hunger Games

The Capitol (The Hunger Games?)

A mysterious new website has appeared for The Hunger Games: (Keywords on the page include "Hunger Games", "Panem", and "Capitol", so the intent of the site isn't a mystery … through the legitimacy of it remains, at least in our opinion, in doubt. We're guessing .pn is supposed to stand in for Panem; it's actually the Pitcairn Islands.) The home page is simply a wavy image of what appears to be the outline of a coliseum or something similar.

The only link on the page is attached to "Hello citizen. Identify yourself." It requests you log in with your twitter account, but the terms are far too onerous for us — allowing the app to follow new people, update your profile, and post tweets on your behalf.

We're wondering how legitimate the site is, and its purpose, so if someone braver than we are gets through, we'd be curious to learn what you find out.


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