Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jesse Stone: Benefit of Doubt, the 8th Movie in the Series, Begins Production in Nova Scotia

Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone

The eighth made-for-television movie in the Jesse Stone series, based on a character created by Robert B. Parker, has begun production in Nova Scotia.

The film, to be titled Jesse Stone: Benefit of Doubt, will again star Tom Selleck as the former Chief of Police for the coastal town of Paradise, Massachusetts.

The seventh film in the series, Innocents Lost, aired earlier this month on CBS to stellar ratings (though not exactly the demographic prized by advertisers).

Selleck currently stars in the crime drama Blue Bloods, which has been renewed for a second season. He has previously stated that he would not have taken on the role of Frank Reagan in the series if it meant setting aside making Jesse Stone films.

If the series' broadcast history is any indication of the future, Jesse Stone: Benefit of Doubt will likely air next May 2012 on CBS.

(Source: Winnipeg Free Press.)


  1. I love this series! The characters aren't either carricitures or too good to be true.

  2. Love the Jesse Stone portrayal by Tom Selleck..been in police work 37 years and a chief for 18...he reminds me of me...

  3. Hi, I helped with the production of this movie in Nova Scotia and it was so nice to finally meet one of my favorite childhood actors, as well as present,"Tom Selleck" on one of the sets.

  4. I'm a seamstress who loves to watch a great mystery while working. And i have all of the jesse stone dvd,s. I have been impatiently waiting for the release of the next one because they are wonderfully unpredictable. just like real life. Please keep them coming. we need real entertainment again. thank you. Ardieth Green, Pelham,NC

  5. Nowhere, that I can find, isthe name of the actress who played Amanda in this movie.

    Tom Sellick is one of my favourite actors however my interests go beyond this single actor and is piqued by the full cast - not listed is the actress mentioned above.

    This happened to me in several productions of the "Stables Theatre" in Toronto many years ago.

    1. Anonymous: amanda was played by Christine

  6. Which character was Amanda? We can only recall two principal female roles in the movie, the singer Thelma (played by Gloria Reuben) and a brief appearance by Kathy Baker as Rose Gammon.

    1. Amanda was the mafia type characters administrative assistant. Anyone know who the actress was that played that role?

    2. You're right, we forgot about her! We think that is Christine Tizzard; she's had a recurring role in the series as Gino Fish's administrator.

  7. Please tell me when the next Jesse Stone movie will be out and if it has a name yet?

    1. CBS has announced there will be no more Jesse Stone movies. However, the producers are considering moving this series to cable channel.



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