Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graphic Novel Featuring Richard Castle's Derrick Storm to be Published

Deadly Storm by Richard Castle

If you watched Castle last night, you heard Richard Castle mention, and briefly show the cover art for, a new graphic novel, Deadly Storm.

The book, written by Brian Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick, and illustrated by Lan Medina, is scheduled to be published by Marvel on September 28th.

Though no details of the plot have been released, the graphic novel is subtitled "A Derrick Storm Mystery" and features the lead character from Castle's series of bestselling novels. Castle supposedly killed off Storm in 2009's Stormfall, so the events in this new graphic novel must take place earlier in his career.

Castle is also the author of the Nikki Heat mysteries, featuring a NYPD cop inspired by the "real" homicide detective Kate Beckett. In contrast to the Derrick Storm mysteries (that exist only in the minds of the series' writers), the Nikki Heat novels -- Heat Wave and Naked Heat -- have been published.

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