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First Clues, Mysteries for Kids: New Titles For March 2011 (Part 1)

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids is pleased to announce a selection of new mystery, suspense and thriller books (including series books) scheduled for publication during March 2011.

Due to the large number of titles being published, we're splitting the list into two, with books for readers aged 4 to 9 shown below, and books for readers aged 10 and older listed tomorrow.

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The Case of the Library Monster by Dori Butler

The Case of the Library Monster More Information about the book
Dori Butler
The Buddy Files: 5th in series

Buddy is in the school library and kids are taking turns reading with him. While Buddy listens to a ghost story, he hears rustling in the shelves behind him. He turns to look, but doesn't see anyone back there. He hears a book fall. Something smells strange. Not human ... not canine, not like anything Buddy has ever smelled before. Could it maybe be the school ghost Buddy has heard so much about? When the child he's sitting with leaves, Buddy goes over to the shelves to investigate ... and comes face to face with a mysterious creature that has a long, blue tongue.

The Buddy Files are recommended for readers aged 4 to 6.

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Thea Stilton and the Cherry Blossom Adventure by Thea Stilton

Thea Stilton and the Cherry Blossom Adventure More Information about the book
Thea Stilton
A Geronimo Stilton Special Edition: 4th in series

The Thea Sisters are off to Japan on a cultural exchange program. While they're busy exploring Kyoto and admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms, a valuable doll is stolen from a wealthy Japanese collector. Will the five mice be able to track down the doll and catch the thief?

The Geronimo Stilton books are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

— ◊ —

The Trouble with Chickens by Doreen Cronin

The Trouble with Chickens More Information about the book
Doreen Cronin
A J. J. Tully Mystery: 1st in series

J. J. Tully is a former search-and-rescue dog who is trying to enjoy his retirement after years of performing daring missions saving lives. So he’s not terribly impressed when two chicks named Dirt and Sugar (who look like popcorn on legs) and their chicken mom show up demanding his help to track down their missing siblings. Driven by the promise of a cheeseburger, J. J. begins to track down clues. Is Vince the Funnel hiding something? Are there dark forces at work — or is J. J. not smelling the evidence that’s right in front of him?

The J. J. Tully Mysteries are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

— ◊ —

Witches' Brew by Mary Labatt

Witches' Brew More Information about the book
Mary Labatt
A Sam & Friends Mystery: 4th in series

When three odd sisters with a collection of scraggly animals move into the house across the street, Sam and her friends grow suspicious. Then Sam thinks she's been hexed — these new neighbors must be witches! The friends search the sisters' house for a spell book to help Sam when the homeowners return unexpectedly. Will they boil the intruders in a witches' potion?

The Sam & Friends graphic novels are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

— ◊ —

May Magic by Ron Roy

May Magic More Information about the book
Ron Roy
The Calendar Mysteries: 5th in series

The younger siblings of the A to Z Mysteries detectives — twins Bradley and Brian Pinto — are getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day by treating their mom to a show by Hypo, the world's greatest hypnotist. Brian hopes that if Hypo can hypnotize his mom into loving ducks, then she will let him raise ducks in their backyard. But when the Pinto family gets home from the show, the twins' mom starts acting strange. She splashes in the bathtub for hours, she leaves corn kernels all over, and — could it be? — she quacks! Bradley thinks his mom has actually turned into a duck! How did this happen? Can Bradley and Brian, with help from their friends Lucy and Nate, turn their mom back into their mom?

The Calendar Mysteries are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

— ◊ —

June Jam by Ron Roy

June Jam More Information about the book
Ron Roy
The Calendar Mysteries: 6th in series

The younger siblings of the A to Z Mysteries detectives — Bradley, Brian, Nate and Lucy — are getting ready for Father's Day. They've decided that strawberry jam from the Pintos' strawberry patch would be a great gift. But something or someone has been taking bites out of the strawberrys! Polly the Pony, Pal and the dog, and the twins' brother Josh are all suspects. If the kids can't protect the strawberry patch from the mystery chomper, they might be in a real jam!

The Calendar Mysteries are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

— ◊ —

The Da Finchi Code by J. D. Smith

The Da Finchi Code More Information about the book
J. D. Smith
The Krow Twins: 1st in series

Twin Brothers Tommy and Terry Krow are no strangers to crime. In fact, they stole the book on it ...

The crime rate in East Wood is higher than a stork's armpit. The Bird Police think that the infamous Krow twins are to blame. They've been on their trail for years. First, there was the Great Crane Robbery, then there was that nasty business with Mad Mike and the Magpie gang. Now the terrible two have got involved with master forger Leonardo da Finchi. Old Mother Krow thinks the painting that her boys gave her is lovely. Will the secret code hidden in the painting lead the twins into a trap? Rookie copper Florissa Starling is on the case.

The Krow Twins books are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

— ◊ —

Mystery in the Sand by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Mystery in the Sand More Information about the book
Gertrude Chandler Warner
The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels: 18th in series

The Aldens are spending sunny days at the shore and summer nights in a mobile home right on the beach! One morning, Benny finds a gold necklace in the sand. Soon a search for its owner begins, and a trail of clues leads the children to Tower House. What will the Boxcar Children find in the strange old mansion?

The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

— ◊ —

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids is your source for information on over 200 mystery series for children and young adults, where each series is conveniently listed under four different age categories (New Sleuths, ages 4 to 6; Future Sleuths, ages 7 to 9; Sleuths in Training, ages 10 to 12; and Apprentice Sleuths, ages 13 and older).


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