Monday, February 21, 2011

Film Adaptation Planned for Truth by Peter Temple

Truth by Peter Temple
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ABC News (Australia) is reporting that Peter Temple's Miles Franklin Literary Award-winning crime thriller Truth is being adapted for film.

"It was just like the perfect storm for me, finding this book, finding that I actually could get the rights to it," said John Polson, who is expected to direct. "The characters are so well drawn, so original, so beautifully depicted and so devastating in some ways."

Truth introduces Inspector Stephen Villani, head of homicide in Melbourne, Australia, who has a full agenda: a murdered woman in a penthouse apartment, three men butchered in a sadistic rampage, a tattoo-faced drug dealer corrupting his rebellious daughter, a crumbling marriage. As these seemingly unrelated events begin to unfold, Villani finds himself immersed in an unfamiliar world of political scandal and ethical ambiguity. He must navigate the inept bureaucracy that is the police department, all the while maintaining a solid front and trying to keep the press, his family, and his own past from breaking him completely. With each twist and every turn of this taut crime novel, Villani is forced to question whom he can trust.

You can read the first chapter(s) of Truth below. Use the Aa settings button to adjust text size, line spacing, and word density.

(Hat tip to In Reference to Murder: Media Murder for Monday for alerting us to this development.)

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