Friday, February 04, 2011

15 Mysterious Facts about Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders

DCI Thomas Barnaby solved his final murder this week as ITV aired the last episode of Midsomer Murders to star John Nettles as the lead investigator for Causton CID. (Fans in the US won't likely see the episode until 2012 at the earliest.)

In a look back at the series, The Telegraph has published 15 mysterious facts about Midsomer Murders, noting that it has featured 222 murders, 11 accidental deaths, 11 suicides, and 7 deaths from natural causes over its 14 year / 81 episode run (to date). Be advised: There are one or two spoilers in the list.

One fact they don't mention is that the series is based on characters created by crime novelist Caroline Graham. Indeed, the series pilot and many of its early episodes were adapted from her mysteries featuring Barnaby. (One of the mysterious facts noted by The Telegraph is that the series was originally titled Barnaby; Anthony Horowitz, who wrote several of the early screenplays, suggested Midsomer Murders.)

Our resident film and television reviewer, Mr. E., has published a number of reviews of the series; you can find them on the Mr. E. Reviews website.

Though John Nettles is retiring as Thomas Barnaby, the popular series continues production with Neil Dudgeon taking over as DCI John Barnaby, the former DCI's cousin (and introduced in episode 75, "The Sword of Guillaume"). Jason Hughes, who plays DS Ben Jones, Barnaby's partner, will continue in the same role. Four new episodes are scheduled to air on ITV later this year.

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