Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warner Bros. Considering Remake of Michael Crichton Thriller Westworld

Westworld (1973)
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We're usually not fans of most ideas for remakes but this one has us intrigued.

The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog is reporting that Warner Bros. is dusting off some ideas for films, including an updated version of the 1973 thriller Westworld.

Written and directed by Michael Crichton -- his film debut -- Westworld stars Yul Brynner as an entertainment park android who malfunctions and starts attacking guests (who include co-stars Richard Benjamin and James Brolin). Think Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs.

As the article points out, technology alone is almost reason enough to remake it. Consider what filmmakers can do today that was impossible in the early 1970s.

Watch the trailer for the original film below:

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