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Telemystery: The Agatha Christie Hour, Matlock, MI-5, and Pie in the Sky, New This Week on DVD

Telemystery, the most complete selection of detective, amateur sleuth, private investigator, and suspense television mystery series now available or coming soon to DVD

Telemystery, your source for one of the most comprehensive selections of detective, amateur sleuth, private investigator, and suspense television mystery series, mini-series and made-for-television movies, now available on or coming soon to DVD or Blu-ray disc, is profiling four series being released this week.

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The Agatha Christie Hour: Set Two, a Mystery TV Series
Information on The Agatha Christie Hour: Set Two

In 1982, BBC aired 10 made-for-television adaptations of short stories by Agatha Christie under the banner The Agatha Christie Hour.

What is unique about these adaptations is that they are not of stories featuring her more popular and recognizable characters Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot. Indeed, not all of these stories were even mysteries.

The The Agatha Christie Hour: Set Two DVD set of two discs contain the following five episodes: "Magnolia Blossom", a story of romantic suspense; "The Mystery of the Blue Jar", a classic mystery story; "The Red Signal", a supernatural mystery; "Jane in Search of a Job", a whodunit-style mystery; and "The Manhood of Edward Robinson", a romantic adventure.

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Matlock: Season Six, a Mystery TV Series
Information on Matlock: Season Six

Andy Griffith stars as legendary defense attorney Ben Matlock in Matlock, who, in his sixth season, investigates a murder in his hometown, becomes the target of a serial strangler, and even considers giving up his practice!

With loving support from Ben's friends -- beautiful partner Michelle Thomas (Nancy Stafford), investigator Conrad McMasters (Clarence Gilyard, Jr.), and Assistant D.A. Julie March (Julie Sommars) -- Matlock always comes through and saves the day, with good old country know-how.

The Matlock: Season Six DVD set of 6 discs contain the 19 episodes that aired on NBC from October 1991 through May 1992.

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MI-5 (Spooks): Volume Eight, a Mystery TV Series
Information on MI-5 (Spooks): Volume Eight

As Series Eight of MI-5 begins, the fallout from Russia's thwarted attack on London finds the team -- led by Lucas North (played by Richard Armitage) -- races against time to rescue Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) from rogue Russian agents.

But as they dig deeper into his disappearance, they find a trail that leads to Iraq, and a conspiracy that involves the CIA, MI-6 and some missing weapons-grade uranium. Could Harry know where it is? And how is former team member Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker), returned to the security of MI-5 having fled her new life in Cyprus, connected to it all?

The MI-5 (Spooks): Volume Eight DVD set of 3 discs contain the eight episodes that originally aired from October through December 2009 on BBC.

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Pie in the Sky: Series Four, a Mystery TV Series
Information on Pie in the Sky: Series Four

Richard Griffiths stars as Detective Inspector Henry Crabbe, who divides his time between catching criminals and cooking delectable delights in Pie in the Sky.

The proprietor of Pie in the Sky, his dream restaurant, Crabbe had hoped to while away his retirement serving up his favorite dishes with his accountant wife, Margaret (Maggie Steed). But his boss, Assistant Chief Constable Freddy Fisher (Malcolm Sinclair), is determined to keep his best detective on the payroll, tackling the cases that only Crabbe's deft touch can solve.

The Pie in the Sky: Series Four DVD set of 2 discs contain the 6 episodes (including the 2-part opener) that originally aired from September through October 1996 on BBC.

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Visit the Telemystery website to discover more television mystery series currently available on and coming soon to DVD and Blu-ray disc.


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