Friday, January 14, 2011

Plot Details Emerge for Sherlock Holmes 2

Sherlock Holmes (Warner Bros.)

The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex blog has some new information on the plotline of the sequel to 2009's film Sherlock Holmes.

"Set in 1891 — a year after the last film's events — the sequel shows Holmes continuing his pursuit of Professor Moriarty, who, if the investigator's instincts are correct, might be the world's first supervillain. Watson, meanwhile, is still trying to be a good partner to his love, Mary Morstan, while keeping Sherlock alive."

Sherlock Holmes 2 (for lack of a better title; it is currently untitled at this point) stars Robert Downey Jr. as the famous consulting detective and Jude Law as his sidekick Dr. John Watson. The film also stars Noomi Rapace as a gypsy woman, Sim, Stephen Fry as Holmes's brother Mycroft, and Jared Harris as Professor Moriarty.

"Unlike last time, where Holmes kept getting Watson into trouble," says Downey, "this time Watson is getting Holmes out of trouble, and they're both in deeper trouble than I think the audience could have imagined we could go … All manner of nastiness has just occurred."

Directed by Guy Ritchie, who also directed the original, Sherlock Holmes 2 opens in theaters December 16, 2011.

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