Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Foxy Roxy by Nancy Martin, A Roxy Abruzzo Mystery

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Foxy Roxy by Nancy Martin
A Roxy Abruzzo Mystery (1st in series)
Minotaur Books (Trade Paperback)
Publication Date: January 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-67318-5

Foxy Roxy by Nancy Martin
More Information About Foxy Roxy by Nancy Martin

About Foxy Roxy (from the publisher): Big truck, big dog, big hair. Bad attitude.

Roxy Abruzzo is the sexy, streetwise niece of a Pittsburgh crime boss, and she’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow ... most of the time. But now and then temptation is just too much for hot-blooded Roxy. As she prowls the mean streets looking for architectural treasures, she can't help swiping an ancient Greek statue that's not exactly hers. Then the statue's owner, heir to a billion-dollar steel fortune, gets himself killed, and the police investigation sweeps Roxy into a mess that requires all of her wits and wiles to escape. All this plus a dotty grand dame, a slippery lawyer, and an avaricious socialite or two makes for a lethal combination of danger and desperation—with Roxy in the middle.

Foxy Roxy was originally published in hardcover as Our Lady of Immaculate Deception.

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About Nancy Martin: The author of 48 pop fiction novels in mystery, suspense, historical and romance genres, she created her first mystery series in 2002 featuring the Blackbird Sisters, three impoverished Main Line heiresses who adventure in couture and crime. Nancy lives in Pittsburgh, serves on the board of Sisters in Crime and is a founding member of Pennwriters. Visit her website at

Read the first chapters of Foxy Roxy below.

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