Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Cape Premieres Sunday, January 9th on NBC

The Cape (NBC)

Tomorrow, Sunday January 9th, NBC premieres its crime drama The Cape with a two-hour pilot episode at 9 PM (ET/PT), repeated on Monday also at 9 PM (ET/PT). It moves into its standard Monday timeslot on January 17th with new hour-long episodes.

David Lyons stars as Vince Faraday, an honest cop on a corrupt police force, who finds himself framed for a series of murders and presumed dead. He is forced into hiding, leaving behind his wife Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and son, Trip (Ryan Wynott). Fueled by a desire to reunite with his family and to battle the criminal forces that have overtaken Palm City, Vince Faraday becomes "The Cape" -- his son's favorite comic book superhero -- and takes the law into his own hands.

Rounding out the cast are James Frain as billionaire Peter Fleming, The Cape's nemesis who moonlights as the twisted killer Chess; Keith David as Max Milani, the ringleader of a circus gang of bank robbers who mentors Vince Faraday and trains him to be The Cape; Summer Glau as Orwell, an investigative blogger who wages war on crime and corruption in Palm City; Dorian Missick as Marty Voyt, a former police detective and friend to Faraday; Martin Klebba as Rollo, member and unassuming muscle of the circus gang of bank robbers; and Vinnie Jones as Scales, resident thug and cohort of The Cape's nemesis Chess.

Watch a sneak peek of the series below:

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