Thursday, October 07, 2010

Could The Wild Wild West be the Next Series to be Remade?

The Wild Wild West (CBS)

One wonders if CBS's relative success with its update of Hawaii Five-O this season is a good thing ... or not. Will it prompt the network -- or its peers -- to dust off other series to freshen, series best left as is to enjoy?

Earlier this year, for example, NBC was considering a "new" The Rockford Files. Fortunately, that idea didn't get past the pilot stage. Now, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that a remake of the classic series The Wild Wild West is under consideration (by Ron Moore, who, to give him all due credit, successfully updated Battlestar: Galactica). Not that this would be the first time the Robert Conrad/Ross Martin series has been revisited; Wild Wild West, a dreadful film starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline, was made in 1999.

The Wild Wild West ran for 4 seasons on CBS from 1965 through 1969. We're fans of the series -- the first couple of seasons, in particular; it got a little silly there towards the end of its run -- and think, in the right hands, it could be reimagined. What do you think?

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