Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. E. Reviews Edge of Darkness

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A few weeks ago I watched and reviewed the 1985 BBC miniseries Edge of Darkness, which served as the basis for this 2010 film starring Mel Gibson. One of my comments was, "There's an interesting story here, but it is buried beneath nearly six hours of a meandering, nearly incomprehensible screenplay." I was hoping that cutting the story down to two hours would improve it. It really doesn't, but I fault the screenwriters of this updated version for, somewhat ironically, taking too many shortcuts and losing much of the suspense of the original.

Read the full text of our review at Mr. E. Reviews: Edge of Darkness.

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  1. To describe the original series of Edge of Darkness as meandering and nearly incomprehensible is in my opinion very short sighted, and frankly unintelligent. I found it a very clear and easily understandable, whilst being a sad and fearful production about a topic of great interest, especially in relation to the future of the planet long-term. It attempts to predict man's destruction of mankind whilst making it very clear that man will go to any lengths to continue on his path of greed with no regard for the planet and any living thing on it. Not having yet seen the 2010 film version, yet having read some reviews, I doubt they could do justice in comparison to the mini series or the production in any way better.



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