Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Glades Premieres Tomorrow, July 11th, on A&E

The Glades (A&E)

Tomorrow, Sunday July 11th at 10 PM (ET/PT), The Glades premieres on A&E.

Matt Passmore stars as Jim Longworth, an attractive, brilliant, yet hard to get along with homicide detective from Chicago, who gets shot by his captain after being wrongfully accused of sleeping with his wife. After being exiled from the department, Longworth relocates to the sleepy, middle of nowhere town of Palm Glade, Florida, where the sunshine and golf are plentiful and crime is seemingly at a minimum. Only this town outside the Florida Everglades isn’t quite as idyllic as he thought ...

In the pilot, the easy life quickly falls by the wayside when a decapitated, unidentifiable woman is found in a creek, which begrudgingly drags Jim Longworth off the golf course in pursuit of her killer. Complicating matters more is Longworth's relationship with Callie, a hot and savvy nurse he has an interest in. With a Titleist sitting on the fourteenth fairway waiting for him to break eighty for the first time in his life, Longworth needles, cajoles, and harangues everyone in his path, including his golf partner and department medical examiner, Carlos, as he puzzles out the facts surrounding the mysterious killing to try and identify the victim and bring her killer to justice.

Discover more about the series on the A&E: The Glades website.

Watch a preview for the series pilot below:

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