Monday, May 17, 2010

Mark Hamill to Direct Film Adaptation of his Graphic Crime Thriller The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl by Mark Hamill
More information about the book

Variety is reporting that Mark Hamill (Star Wars) will direct a film adaptation of his graphic crime thriller The Black Pearl. The plotline was considered for an original screenplay some 14 years ago, but instead was developed into a comic series, published by Dark Horse in 1996. Hamill will also pen the adaptation.

About The Black Pearl (from the publisher): Luther isn't a hero. He isn't motivated by honor or justice -- at best he's a regular guy. He went out one night; he followed the woman home because he hoped to see something. What he saw was her abduction. What he did was save her ... for himself. But the newspapers and TV personalities turned it into something else, and turned him into someone else. Now he's The Black Pearl, and the media won't let him quit.

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