Saturday, March 13, 2010

Games of Mystery: Escape from Lost Island, Youda Legend in The Golden Bird of Paradise, and Death to Spies, New at Amazon Video Games

Games of Mystery

, your source for mystery-themed board, electronic and video games, parties for kids and adults, murder mystery weekends and mystery getaway vacations, and more mysterious fun, is pleased to announce this week's new mystery and suspense games available for immediate download from Amazon Video Games.

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Escape from Lost Island
Download and Buy Escape from Lost Island

Escape from Lost Island

What began as a fabulous vacation cruise quickly turns into a fight for survival! After managing to get off your sinking cruise ship, you find yourself stranded on an uncharted island filled with danger and death-defying challenges! Use your wits to find shelter, avert pirates, escape from natives, and signal for help. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Windows Vista / XP (59 MB download). ESRB Rating: Everyone.

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Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise
Download and Buy Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise

Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise

Are you ready to give up your holiday to search for mysteries and reveal another legend? During a trip to a tropical paradise, everything seems peaceful. But as usual, things don't go as expected. You'll find that this journey brings you more than just cocktails on the beach! The jungle hides many secrets, including the mystery of the Golden Bird! Your hidden object skills will be put to the test if you are to reveal this mystery!

See also the first game in this series, Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond.

Windows Vista / XP (137 MB download). ESRB Rating: Everyone.

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Death to Spies
Download and Buy Death to Spies

Death to Spies

Smersh is Russian for "Death to Spies" and was the name of a set of counterintelligence departments in the Soviet Army formed during World War II. Their mission was to secure the rear of the active Red Army by arresting traitors, deserters, spies and criminal elements. During the war these agents became the main force combating the German intelligence service.

You play as Captain Semion Strogov, who is part of the Soviet counterintelligence service. As a professional spy you carry out operations by completing various task behind enemy lines. These tasks include stealing important documents, eliminating or kidnapping different enemy officers, and sabotaging enemy plans. These assignments are based on real historical events and operations that were carried out by Soviet military intelligence and counterintelligence during World War II.

Windows Vista / XP (1114 MB download). ESRB Rating: Mature.

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A complete list of downloadable mystery games is available on our Games of Mystery: Game Download page.

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