Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tom Selleck Talks About His Series Character Jesse Stone

Jesse Stone (A Mystery TV Movie)

Doug Nye of the McClatchy-Tribune News Service (and as reported on Silicon Valley recently had a conversation with Tom Selleck, who plays Paradise (MA) police chief Jesse Stone in a series of popular made-for-television movies that have aired on CBS. The movies are based on a character created by mystery author Robert B. Parker. The most recent of these, Thin Ice, was recently released on DVD.

Selleck, who is probably best known playing Thomas Magnum on the long-running series Magnum P.I. wasn't looking to do another character when CBS approached him 5 years ago. "They asked me about doing a movie with them," Selleck said. "I wasn't crazy about the idea because I didn't want to be involved in another one of those movies of the week. They look like TV movies. I told them I would do it if we could do something that looked like a feature film that had been sold to television." The first movie, Stone Cold, which originally aired in February 2005, was a critical and ratings success.

When asked how many Jesse Stone movies there will be, "I don't see an end to it as long as we stay true to the character," Selleck said. "Parker asked us for only two things: to continue Jesse's struggles with his ex-wife and his drinking problem. These are a series of films where the characters are more important than the crime or mystery that is being investigated."

A sixth movie, Jesse Stone: No Remorse, has completed filming but no air date has been set by CBS.

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