Friday, July 24, 2009

Showtime Releases New Promotional Videos for Dexter

Dexter (TV Crime Drama)

Showtime released three new trailers this week during Comic Con in San Diego for its popular series Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall as the titular character and based on the character created by Jeff Lindsay. Dexter returns for a fourth season on September 27th. Until then, the network is airing previous episodes on Sunday evenings. The third season of Dexter on DVD will be released on 08/18/2009.

Dexter is a guy who will charm fellow officers with a doughnut, wile away a Sunday with his girlfriend Rita, or chop up a victim and package their body parts in plastic bags. Hiding beneath the mundane exterior and contrived façade of Dexter, a charming blood spatter expert for the Miami Police Department, is an obsession with meting his own twisted brand of justice: stalking and murdering the guilty.

The first video below is a preview of the 4th season of Dexter. The second is for a new series of animated shorts called Dexter: Early Cuts, which will focus on the character as a teenager and be shown as webisodes. The third is for the Dexter game, to be available initially on the Apple iPhone. These videos, and much more about the series, are available on the official Dexter website.

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