Thursday, July 16, 2009

MySims Agents Interactive Mystery Case Website Goes Live

MySims Agents

Several months ago we announced that Electronic Arts was developing a mystery-solving adventure game for the Nintendo Wii and DS called MySims Agents. Today, the MySims Agents website went live with an online "case", an interactive game that starts with a mysterious surveillance video and ends with details of a powerful, sinister plot.

The story gives you a glimpse into what it takes to become an agent, introduces you to some key characters like Morcubus, Brandi, Mayor Skip Rogers, Dr. F and Agent Walker, and to the overall plot of the Nightmare Crown. By solving cases, you will receive some exclusive background information on the main mystery in the MySims Agents video game (due to be released in September) as well as access to special downloads and cheat codes. Throughout the interactive experience, you will venture to popular destinations like YouTube, MySpace and Twitter where you’ll search for clues and gather intel.

To start your first case, visit Clicking on the exclamation point, which helpfully says Start Case 1, you're introduced to Agent Walker. "Welcome to the world of mystery-solving, new recruit! I'm Agent Walker, and I've dedicated my life to preserving justice in the MySims world. But a new threat is surfacing and I need your help now. Do you have what it takes to become a full-fledged agent?"

Watch the teaser trailer below, which, actually, is the surveillance video you watch to start your case:

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