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Mystery Parties: Plan Your Summer Fun Today!

Games of Mystery

, your source for mystery-themed electronic and board games, parties, getaways and vacations, has a recommendation for your next party.

Is it possible that we're into June already? Summer is officially just around the corner and that means golf outings, backyard barbecues, and the perfect opportunity to plan a murder ... a murder mystery party, that is! Here are some popular suggestions (but our Mystery Party pages have many, many more).

Welcome to the Neighborhood

. Ricki Mortis is beginning to realize why he purchased his new home for a song: his neighbors are loony. In the four months he's lived there, he's been accused of stealing lawn ornaments, soliciting foolish relationships, disregarding town building code, and murdering a beloved family pet. Whether or not he is guilty of these crimes remains to be solved. Nevertheless, the damage is done: The neighbors hate him. In an effort to mend fences and reverse bad first impressions, Ricki invites the neighbors to a good, old-fashioned backyard barbecue. But when the guests arrive, Ricki Mortis is dead.

Time to call the cops? Well that wouldn't be any fun! Someone's got the brilliant idea to fire up the grill and transform the BBQ into a murder mystery party. The result is a night filled with cooky characters, lots of laughs, and one unforgettable whodunit.

This party, which is especially suited for outdoor entertaining, is designed for 9 to 12 guests, ages 13 and older. It is rated T. Follow this link, , for more information about this party.

Caddy Shacked

Caddy Shacked. This party banquet takes place at the Snobwood Country Club where the members and employees have gathered to celebrate the winners and distribute the awards for the 38th Annual Club Golf Championship. Unfortunately, the winner was unable to attend! The champion was in a play-off with the top seeded member, and then it was sudden death for him! His body was found right before the party, floating in the pond next to the caddy's shack. The victim, an idol to some and a despicable character to others, apparently created an enemy that ended his career. The victim’s death will now be examined by the invited guests of Snobwood to determine who clubbed the champion.

The Snobwood Country Club is the setting for this murder mystery game for 8-14 players. Who, at this fashionable establishment, clubbed the champion?

All 8 to 14 guests will have fun playing out their individual characters and investigating this unpredictable event. It is rated M. Follow this link, Caddy Shacked, for more information about this party.

Retro Reality Check

Retro Reality Check. The passengers of a tour ship are shipwrecked on a desert island. The newcomers soon discover that the island is already occupied with castaways. These castaways are trapped in the decade they arrived at the island; they have lost contact with civilization, although occasionally they hear crackles from the two way radio they were able to salvage from the wreckage of their boat. Now the radio has been misplaced by one of the castaways. Or, is somebody intentionally sabotaging attempts of rescue? Who would take the radio, and why? To make matters worse, they discover that the island doesn’t have enough water for everybody. It’s up to the passengers to find the missing radio before the water is gone, and all hope of rescue is gone.

A light-hearted mystery (no murder) targeted to a large group of young teens with a lot of energy and imagination. This is a spoof on reality and classic TV shows. The host can optionally choose to divide guests into teams and play the games "Survivor" style.

This tropical themed party is designed for 15 or more guests, ages 13 and older. It is rated T. Follow this link, Retro Reality Check, for more information about this party.

Visit for a wide selection of parties for kids, teens, and adults. You'll find all sorts of themed parties available to suit every occasion throughout the year.

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