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Mysteries on TV: Cannon and Quincy ME, New This Week on DVD

Mysteries on TV

, your source for the most complete selection of detective, amateur sleuth, private investigator, and suspense television mystery series now available or coming soon to DVD, is profiling two series that have season DVDs being released this week.

William Conrad starred as Frank Cannon, an overweight, balding ex-LAPD cop with expensive tastes in , a crime drama that aired on CBS for 5 seasons. Cannon worked as a private investigator who charged high fees but got results. Due to Conrad's large size, there wasn't much action, the series relying instead on intricate plots.

The series was popular with fans. Nine book tie-ins were published from 1971 through 1979 featuring the character (all now long out of print).

The Cannon: Season Two (V1) DVD set of 3 discs contain the first 12 episodes of the second season that aired on CBS from September through December, 1972.

Jack Klugman starred as the Los Angeles medical examiner in , a series that aired on NBC for 8 seasons. The first 4 episodes originally appeared as a rotating part of the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie (together with , , and ).

One of the earliest forensic mystery series, Quincy took an active role in police investigations as he looked deeper into what happened to a body -- before and after a crime.

The Quincy M. E.: Season Three DVD set of 4 discs contain all 20 episodes of the third season that aired on NBC from September 1977 through March 1978.

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