Saturday, May 16, 2009

Martin Booth's Thriller A Very Private Gentleman to be Filmed

A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth

Variety is reporting that Focus Features is developing an adaptation of Martin Booth's 1991 thriller A Very Private Gentleman to be directed by photographer Anton Corbijn. Rowen Joffe (28 Weeks Later) will adapt the screenplay. Production is scheduled to begin this fall.

Synopsis: Retreating to an Italian village prior to his next assignment, an assassin -- the locals call him Signor Farfallar, Mr. Butterfly, for he appears to be a discreet gentleman who paints rare butterflies -- prepares for his task. But as inconspicuous as Farfalla tries to make himself, he becomes enamored with his life there and to one woman in particular. He vows to make this his last kill but his past catches up with him and he senses a treacherous circle closing in on him.

Another book by the author, Evolution's Child, was filmed as a made-for-television movie in 1999.

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