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MBN Welcomes Guest Blogger Kristin Callender

Mystery Books News is delighted to welcome author Kristin Callender as a guest blogger today. Her debut mystery, The Truth Lies in the Dark, was recently published by BlueWaterPress.

The Truth Lies In the Dark by Kristin Callender

Hi Mystery Books News fans and readers. First I want to say thank you for your interest and a few moments of your time. I also want to thank Lance for having me on as a guest. I am Kristin Callender, author of The Truth Lies in the Dark. Very briefly, it is a mystery about a woman who lost her all memory of her life as a child and then as an adult finds out she was raised with the identity of a dead girl. Who is Amanda? In order to find out she must answer a very important question; who is there to help her and who is there to make sure the truth remains ... in the dark?

Many people have asked me how I got the idea for this book. I get a strange look when I say that it came to life as I wrote it, like a movie I had already seen and just had to get down on paper. Don't get me wrong, the writing process was not easy. I stressed over everything from character names to their backgrounds. I had to keep notes to remember how everything was connected and how each different character would react to certain situations. Amanda, the main character was the biggest challenge, because she evolved the most throughout the story. She began as an emotionally dependent person and eventually found a strength and identity of her own, both physically and emotionally. It was hard sometimes to show her vulnerability without making her come across as too weak in the readers' eyes.

Amanda's nightmares were a big part of the story and her reactions to them help to show her growing strength. The first page begins with her in one of these nightmares; which are always about a strange young girl trapped in a room that is engulfed by flames. She awakes screaming like a child and is comforted by her loving husband. As the story evolves, the scope of the nightmare is widened allowing more glimpses into Amanda's mysterious past.

In addition to being a new author, I am also a mom of four children and a substitute teacher for grades K-6. I am very proud that The Truth Lies in the Dark has been published, not only as the author but as a mom. My teenage son, Michael painted the original portrait that was used as my cover. Friends of mine had suggested that his picture of a city at night would be a great cover. I submitted it to my editors at Blue Water Press and they loved it. I have pictures of that original on my website (go to the Art Showcase link). There are also pictures of some of his other paintings. He is very talented and I am proud to share this opportunity with him.

I live with my husband and children in Northern Connecticut. Some of my interests include writing, reading, hanging out at the fire pit in the back yard with family and friends, going to the beach, and taking family vacations. (The closer the quarters and crazier, the better!) We have taken a train trip from Connecticut to California only bringing what we could fit into our backpacks. I bought all of my kids reversible clothing to keep their bags light and so they didn't have the same things on in every picture. It worked out great until we reached California and my husband washed all of our whites with a blue and white blanket. We went all the way back home as the light blue tie-dyed family.

OK, I have talked about me and my book enough. If you want to share your own funny family adventures or would like to leave a comment on my book, feel free to stop by my website. All of my contact information is posted there. The address is: I know it is a long address, but you know what they say? After a long trip it is always nice to come home, and you are always welcome in my online home(page). Well, if they don't say that, I do!

The Truth Lies in the Dark is available from or from the publisher,

I am working on a second novel now that is under consideration at a New York publisher. I will update my website with my progress and upcoming events.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to meet me and hear about my book on Mystery Books News.

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  1. Impressive first book. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks misterreereeder. Your support has been great.
    Kristin Callender



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