Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dark Chronicles, a new Digi-Novel Series, Announced Today

In a press release today, EQAL and CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker announced a partnership to launch a multiplatform series of "digi-novels", books that include a multimedia experience.

The first book in the series, Dark Chronicles, a crime novel to be published by Dutton, will have a companion website, DarkChronicles.com. Readers will be able to access cyber bridges every five chapters, allowing them to view videos, audio files and photos. All cyber bridges will be written by Zuiker.

The website is scheduled to go live in July with a blog and social network. The book is set for publication on September 09, 2009 at which time the cyber bridges will be added to the website.

[MBN note: This partnership was actually announced last summer, though no details were provided at the time. But this idea of a "cyber bridge" is new, at least to us. And try as we might, we cannot imagine what a cyber bridge is. It seems to be an integral component of the digi-novel, itself a coined term, but that's all we're getting from it. Maybe we're trying to be too literal in visualizing how it might work.]

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