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Games of Mystery: Valentines Day Mystery Party Ideas

Games of Mystery

, your source for mystery-themed games, parties, and vacations, has some suggestions for your next holiday party. With Valentines Day just one month away, it's not too early to plan a special mystery event to celebrate with your loved ones. We have three suggestions here, but visit our site for many more.

Love Potion Number Five, a Mystery Party for Kids

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare: somebody has spiked the party punch with a potent love potion.

Thankfully, the victims of the potion are not declaring undying love for anybody at the party. Instead, they are emphatically revealing the thing they would most love to do -- their secret passion.

Soon these comical admissions become dangerous as the affected guests stop at nothing to act on their obsession. The guests must discover who spiked the punch, concoct and administer the antidote before somebody bruises something worse than an ego!

is a party perfect for any combination of girls and boys, 12 and older, and up to 16 guests can play a character (see list of recommended characters). The party is rated E.

A St. Valentine's Day Murder Mystery, a Mystery Party for Adults

For adults there is .

The year is 1929 and Prohibition is at its height. Until last week Chicago was run by four big players. Tommy Gunn who runs booze and girls, Al Kohol who runs booze and protection rackets, Spits Feathers who runs booze and gambling dens through his bakery business cover and, until his murder last week, Buck Fifty who ran booze and slot machines. As the rival gangs move in on Buck's empire, Tommy Gunn has called a party to celebrate his 40th birthday, but does he have other sinister plans?

A St. Valentine's Day Murder Mystery is for between 6 and 10 players (see list of recommended characters) and has a Roaring 20s party theme. Dress appropriately! It is rated M.

Death by Chocolate, a Mystery Party for Adults

Finally, and you knew it was coming, there's Death by Chocolate.

A joint party is being held at Thornbury's Chocolates to launch the new range of Symphony Chocolates and also to celebrate the 40th birthday party of Shopin (that's pronounced Show-pan) Channill who is the daughter of Thornbury's owner Cocoa Channill. What could possibly go wrong on such a happy night?

This chocolate-lovers murder mystery party is just perfect for Valentine's Day. For 8 to 12 players aged 18 and older (see list of recommended characters), this party is rated M.

For more ideas on , , and , visit where you'll also find all types of mysterious fun!

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