Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mysteries on TV: CBS Orders 6th Jesse Stone Movie

Mysteries on TV

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CBS has agreed to produce a sixth Jesse Stone made-for-television movie, this despite the fact that the fifth movie has yet to air. The Jesse Stone mystery movies are based on the character created by and star Tom Selleck as the police chief of the small coastal town of Paradise, Massachusetts.

According to THR, Jesse Stone: No Remorse will find Jesse Stone having been suspended by the Paradise town council and working for the state investigating a series of murders in . Selleck co-wrote the script which doesn't appear to be based on any of the current Jesse Stone books. Production has already begun in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The real mystery here is why CBS hasn't aired Jesse Stone: Thin Ice yet. About a year ago, Parker on his blog indicated the movie would air in February, 2008. Various reports thoughout 2008 suggested the movie would air "sometime this year". IMDB now lists the date as simply 2009. We'll let you know the exact date as soon as we do. Still, we're delighted to know that CBS has such confidence in the series to order a sixth episode.

The first four movies (Stone Cold, Night Passage, Death in Paradise, and Sea Change) are all available on DVD from and are highly recommended by all of us here at Mystery Books News.

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  1. A sixth one is needed for conclusion of the series. Number five was given lukewarm reviews by some I have read. However, as far as I am concerned, I would be happy if they made eveyone of Parker's Jesse Stone's books into a movie with Tom Selleck at the helm. I own all five of the released DVD's currently.

  2. I think Tom Selleck's Jesse Stone series is the most engaging of anything on TV. Seen and loved every episode.

    Mad Men? A mannered, clumsily paced, self-conscious distant second. That's from a career creative director who ran copy/art in the same intl. shops as the TV series.

    Let's see more of the superb Jesse Stone.

    Peter Evans