Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blind to Sin by Dave White, New on the Mystery Bookshelf during February 2017

New on the Mystery Bookshelf during February 2017 …

Blind to Sin by Dave White

Blind to Sin by Dave White, A Jackson Donne Mystery (6th in series)

Publisher: Polis Books

Blind to Sin by Dave White, Amazon Kindle format

When Matt Herrick was 17, his father was arrested for robbery — a bank heist gone wrong. Herrick joined the Army and was sent off to Afghanistan — a trip that would change his life.

Jackson Donne has spent the last year in prison, where his mentor, Kenneth Herrick, has kept him safe. One night, Kenneth tells Donne a "friend" has bought them out of their sentence. Confused, Donne goes along. And finds himself in the clutches of a partner from Kenneth's past.

Learning of the release, Matt Herrick decides to pursue his father. But when he finds that his terminally ill mother is now married to Kenneth's old partner, Herrick turns his investigation into overdrive. And that could cost him everything.

Kenneth's old partner gives him an ultimatum: steal millions of dollars from the Federal Reserve in New Jersey, or let the disease kill his ex-wife. Donne has no choice but to help his new mentor.

Now Matt Herrick is faced with a choice: Can he let his dad and Donne save his mother, while letting the heist go off without a hitch? Or can Matt Herrick save his mother, and stop the the heist before everyone ends up in prison — or worse — dead?

Blind to Sin by Dave White

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