Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lifetime Cancels Against the Wall

Against the Wall (Lifetime)

Lifetime has elected not to renew its freshman crime drama Against the Wall for a second season. The series, which premiered this past summer, ran for 13 episodes.

Rachel Carpani stars as Abby Kowalski, a single Chicago police officer who finally is promoted to detective and assigned to Internal Affairs. But her dream job turns out a nightmare for her close-knit family of cops.

We have to admit we didn't see a single episode of the series. Though we follow television news quite closely and knew that the cable network had ordered the series, we did not know it was on the schedule until the second episode or so. It doesn't seem as if Lifetime did much to promote it, so it's little surprise that it has been canceled. (Looking back on our notes, we see that at the same time Lifetime ordered Against the Wall, it also ordered Exit 19, later renamed The Protector … which was canceled some time ago.)

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