Monday, June 13, 2011

Telemystery: Second Season of Memphis Beat Premieres Tuesday, June 14th, on TNT

Telemystery: Mystery and Suspense on Television

The second season of Memphis Beat premieres tomorrow, Tuesday June 14th, on TNT.

Jason Lee stars as Memphis police detective Dwight Hendricks, a southern gentleman who is protective of his fellow citizens, reverential of the city's history, and deeply rooted in its blues music scene.

In the second-season opener, titled "At the River", the squad is plunged into a case involving the death of an admired police officer who may have been involved with a white supremacist group. The case hits home for Dwight, who relates to the son of the officer left behind. It also introduces Dwight to Claire Ryan (guest star Beau Garrett), a tough investigator from Internal Affairs. Meanwhile, Lt. Tanya Rice (Alfre Woodard) starts riding Charlie "Whitehead" White (Sam Hennings) about taking the lieutenant's exam, but her reasons for wanting him to pass aren't exactly a vote of confidence.

Watch a recap of the first season below.

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