Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cold Weather Opens in Theaters (Limited) Friday, February 4th

Cold Weather (2011)

Rather than feature the two thrillers opening widely in theaters tomorrow, Friday February 4th (those would be Sanctum and The Roommate), we thought we'd spotlight an indie mystery with a limited initial run.

Cris Lankenau stars as Doug, a self-styled Sherlock Holmes who has abandoned an academic career in forensic science to return home to Portland (Oregon). He lands a dead-end job working in an ice factory, but soon finds an opportunity to use his passion and skill in detective work when his ex-girlfriend Rachel (Robyn Rikoon) goes missing. Enlisting a team of ramshackle slacker-sleuths, Doug leads his team down a complex trail of clues and increasingly close to the discovering the mysterious truth about Rachel.

Written and directed by Aaron Katz, you can watch the trailer below.

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