Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wallander in The Man Who Smiled, Sunday October 10th on PBS

Masterpiece Mystery! Wallander

Tomorrow, Sunday October 10th, the second of three new episodes of Series II of Wallander airs on PBS (check your local listings for air times).

In "The Man Who Smiled", adapted from the fourth novel in the Wallander series of crime thrillers by Henning Mankell, Gustaf Torstensson quietly chants "Mea culpa, mea culpa," as he drives to his death. His son Sten Torstensson, a friend of Inspector Kurt Wallander (Kenneth Branagh), begs the detective to investigate the suspicious case — Wallander is his last hope. But hope has all but drained from Wallander's life, as he's now on indefinite leave from his work and has been all but forgotten after enduring an on-the-job trauma. When Sten is found dead, an apparent suicide, Wallander is drawn back to inquire. The clues and suspects are provocative enough — postcards with death threats, a respected and reviled philanthropist working in Africa and a former cop tormented by his own personal demons. But Wallander's reentry is an uneasy one, and even as the case comes together, his fragile stability and increasingly questionable judgment are severely tested.

The first series of Wallander is available on DVD from Telemystery: Wallander. This second series will be released on DVD and Blu-ray disc on October 19th, and may be pre-ordered.

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