Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fox Orders Pilot for Chicago-Based Crime Drama Ridealong

Fox Television

In more television pilot news, Variety is reporting that Shawn Ryan (The Shield) has been given an order for the Chicago-based crime drama Ridealong. The pilot (and series, if it's picked up) will center on three groups of police officers, icnluding the central lead character, a Polish-American cop who plays up his heritage.

"There will be a few twists that make it different from other cop shows on the air and will make it Fox-like," Ryan said. He adds that the series will showcase close-ended cases, "but something will happen in the pilot that will have overarching (ramifications) that we deal with over time."

Ryan is also producing the new Terriers series on FX Networks as well as being an executive producer for Lie to Me on Fox.

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