Thursday, July 09, 2009

Harper's Island Concludes This Saturday, July 11th

Harper's Island (CBS Mystery Event)

Harper's Island wraps up its 13 episode season with the final 2 episodes, titled "Gasp" and "Sigh", which, respectively, comprise the 2-hour finale airing this Saturday, July 11th.

8 of the original 25 guests remain: Abby Mills (the daughter of one of Wakefield's original victims), Henry Dunn (the groom), Trish Wellington (the bride), Jimmy Mance (Abby's old flame), Christopher "Sully" Sullivan (Henry's best man), Danny Brooks (Henry's college buddy), Shea Allen (Trish's sister), and Madison Allen (Shea's daughter).

Originally scheduled to air over 13 consecutive weeks from April 9th through July 2nd, CBS (in our opinion) completely mismanaged its self-described "mystery event". The early episodes were not only tediously dull, they were often illogical if not incomprehensible. As a result, viewers quickly abandoned Harper's Island in droves leading CBS to move the series from Thursday to Saturday, the graveyard (as it were) of network television. Soon thereafter CBS unexpectedly replaced one episode with a repeat of one of its other series leading some to speculate that Harper's Island had been canceled. (It had not.) Which is all really a shame because these last few episodes have been rather good, typical of what a mystery series should be, and what this mystery series could have been all along.

If you're still watching Harper's Island, and we are, the final questions will be answered and all revealed this Saturday at 9 PM ET/PT. If you've missed any of the previous 11 episodes, or simply want to catch up on the storyline, you can find full episodes on

Watch a preview of the finale below, which features interviews with 6 of the remaining cast members:

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