Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Daily Beast Reveals True Identity of Bestselling Mystery Author Spencer Quinn

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn (Peter Abrahams)

Sarah Weinman over on The Daily Beast has revealed that the bestselling author of Dog On It, , is in fact suspense novelist .

As Weinman notes, "The book world's increasingly dog-eat-dog climate works against writers like Abrahams. Honing a subtle, unclassifiable voice requires time publishers no longer have to invest. So Abrahams decided to say goodbye to Peter Abrahams, Cape Cod-based creator of psychological suspense, and hello instead to Spencer Quinn, Cape Cod-based author of the smash-hit series debut Dog On It. The book features one of the most appealing narrators to come down the mystery-novel pike in quite some time: Chet the dog, the steady and stalwart companion of private investigator Bernie Little."

In our most recent update of on March 6th, Dog On It was in 7th position. And as we reported last month, the screenplay rights to .

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